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Procon-SP notifies Apple for slowing down iPhones with old batteries

The subject is controversial and has been commented on extensively by us, either here on the website or in our podcast. Here is everything we have published on the topic:

Even though Apple clarified everything and took some steps to solve the problem, the damage is done and, in parallel, several lawsuits were filed against the company in one of them, the plaintiff demands payment of $ 999 billion!

It is a fact that the story is far from being resolved / forgotten and today (Wednesday, January 3), a Brazilian body has come into play: the Procon-SP informed that it tried to notify Apple Brazil this morning due to slow processing after software updates. Apple, however, refused to sign the notification, but Procon representatives nevertheless left the document at the reception of the building and considered the communication made.

So, starting today, Apple have 10 days to speak on the following issues:

  1. What is the real problem and the damage that iPhone users are having or may have;
  2. The company initially announced the sale of the discounted battery to the United States. Then to everyone. Procon-SP wants information on how the consumer should proceed, which models are included in this action, what is the deadline for this exchange and the cost.

In particular, I believe that all of these questions have already been answered by Apple and we will see if it will just repeat the speech already made or if any new information really emerges from it.

via Gizmodo