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Microsoft releases preview version of To-Do, successor to Wunderlist, for iOS and other platforms

that old story: a technology giant buys a startup or a smaller company, responsible for some service loved by hordes of users around the world, and, little by little, it sucks the entire life of the software in question until, one day, without bluster and melancholy, announces its death. It was like that with Sparrow and Mailbox two examples that I can remember in my head because I was directly affected. I hope this time the Microsoft do something different.

I say this because the Redmond giant is launching in previous version the To-Do, new task list service that will eventually replace the Wunderlist bought by her almost two years ago and with a loyal user base, including this one that writes to you and the entire team of (for him that we manage our guidelines).

The new product, as expected, built based on Office technologies and incorporates a good part of the (beautiful) paradigms of interface and operation of the applications of the company's productivity suite. Big M; Microsoft also promises integration with Outlook and other family apps in the future. Despite this, To-Do does not require an Office 365 subscription, just a Microsoft account is required to use the service.

The behavior and features of To-Do resemble those of Wunderlist, but with a more pleasant interface. You can create to-do lists, set reminders, due dates and add notes to a specific task, as well as assign colors and other differentiating factors to organize your tasks. An interesting feature, which does not exist in the Wunderlist, the panel "My Day" (My Day), which evidently shows all the tasks that must be completed that day.

Despite this, the new service still does not include some key features offered by the app it is intended to replace. It is not yet possible in To-Do, for example, to add attachments to tasks or create subtasks, but these should be resources that will be added over time. Incidentally, it is good to make it clear that, for now, Wunderlist continues to exist: according to Microsoft, the service will only be discontinued when it is ?confident that the new app has incorporated the best of Wunderlist?.

To-Do is available in a previous version (in other words, a public beta) for iPhone, Android, Windows 10 and also on the web. Apps for Mac and tablets, such as the iPad, are also coming soon.

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(via The Verge)