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It is now possible to share photos on Instagram directly from your mobile browser (even from the iPad!)

In yet another step in its march towards the global domination of minds and societies, the Facebook today announced a novelty for the second largest social network in its domain whose main objective is to increase its reach by a few more percentage points. The mobile site Instagram received a good update that now allows, among other things, to post photos directly from the browser of your smartphone or tablet yes, iPad included.

New mobile Instagram site on an iPad

With the news, when accessing in a mobile browser, the user has an experience very similar to that obtained in the native app of the social network. Despite more recent features, such as stories and the built-in messenger, are not yet available, you can check your timeline, like and comment on publications, search and follow users, check notifications, manage your account or access the tab discovery. And, as a great novelty, post photos directly there.

The sharing features certainly leave a lot to be desired in relation to those of the application: in addition to not supporting videos or multiple photos, it is limited to a tool to cut the image before publication and the old screen for captioning and other circumstantial data; it is not possible to edit the photo or apply filters through the mobile browser. Still, it serves as a quick and easy way to publish a selfie cute in the heat of the moment, even without the app in hand.

The main purpose of Instagram with the novelty is to increase the penetration of the application in emerging markets, where internet speeds and the limited storage capacity of the devices often prevent the public from having the network application installed. And an excellent side effect is the addition of the iPad to the list of devices supported by the new mobile version of the site, as is well known, Facebook has inexplicably never launched a version of the Instagram app for tablets and, therefore, iPad users are obliged to use the iPhone application ?stretched? on the device screen.

The new mobile Instagram site is already being released globally most likely you can already take advantage of the new features right now. What did you think?

(via TechCrunch)