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Hide application icons in the macOS menu bar with the free Vanilla utility

If you are a normal person and have only three or four applications running on the macOS menu bar, there is nothing to fear; but if you are like me and have dozens of apps that run there, the bar can get so full of icons that I need to do something.

Many people think that this "something" is simply deleting one or another app that you don't use much or, who knows, choosing to run some of them in the Dock instead of in the menu bar (some apps in this option). But, no; There is something much better than that.

We've already tipped the Bartender utility, but today we're going to talk about the Vanilla a very simple option that has a great differential: free! ?

Vanilla Utility for macOS

Created by Matthew Palmer, the app does the job of hiding the various cones that are there in the menu bar very well. Just click on the arrow to reveal or hide the apps.

Vanilla Utility for macOS

If you want to add or remove a cone that is outside / inside Vanilla, just hold down the key (Command) do that.

To open Vanilla's preferences, click on the arrow to reveal the icons and then on the dot.

Vanilla Utility for macOS

There is also the option of acquiring the version Pro from Vanilla (for $ 4), which has three options: remove icons from the menu bar, automatically hide icons after five seconds and open Vanilla when starting up the Mac.

(via Mac Kung Fu)