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Google is the most reputable technological brand in Portugal in the OnStrategy ranking

In Portugal, Google is the most reputed brand in the technological sector and one of the few with a reputation for excellence. The conclusion of the Global RepScore study, carried out by the consultancy OnStrategy, which assesses the positioning and reputation levels associated with more than 2,700 brands operating in Portugal.

In a statement, the company guarantees that the area of ??technology, together with that of the food sector and solutions for children, has the best reputation. In the technological case, Google is the only other company to be able to raise the A- score, with 81.2 points, followed by Microsoft and YouTube. WhatsApp and Samsung close the top five in this sector.

Global RepScore | 2020 Top 5 of the most reputable technological brands in Portugal

For Pedro Tavares, partner and CEO of the consultancy, the challenge lies in "correct identification of the most influential stakeholders, positioning and reputation auditing, selection of the most efficient touchpoints and management of financial impacts. And, despite the increase in brands considered to have indexes excellent and robust reputation, Pedro Tavares guarantees that this group does not represent 5% of the brands that have notoriety in Portugal, so he considers that there is still a great job ahead.

"There is still a lot to do in the management of the brands that are operating in Portugal, be they national or international, comments the CEO of OnStrategy

In opposition to the sectors with a better reputation, there are areas of services and governments such as energy, banking and insurance, some of the sectors with lower reputations. In addition to technology, in the area of ??telecommunications the winner was Vodafone and in energy Galp.

The document also analyzes the CEOs with the best reputation at national level, with the founder of Grupo Nabeiro, Rui Nabeiro the winner, with 80.1 points. Second, comes Antnio Mexia (77.3 points), president of EDP, followed by Alexandre Soares dos Santos, former president of the Jernimo Martins group, who died in August last year, who reached 74.2 points.

This data comes after Google launched the StartUp Growth Lab program in Portugal for the first time in 2020. After selecting eight startups that now have access to mentoring and workshops in order to accelerate their growth, Google intends to accelerate its growth over two months.