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Electric cars are the focus of the newest update to Apple Maps in Europe; Paris gets public transport information

We can criticize Apple as much as we want for the glacial slowness in updating its Maps with support for more cities that incorporate all their resources and, in fact, we will continue to do so, without a doubt. However, it is undeniable that Tim Cook and his gang are working a little faster these days; the pace of additions has been more constant and many cities have recently gained full support for service functions.

This time, Ma Maps has received an update focused primarily on some countries on the European continent, and it should mainly appeal to fans of electric cars and other sustainable modes of transport, which, incidentally, represent an increasing number of people around the world. planet and particularly in the Old World.

Apple Maps

London the first city on the European continent to receive information related to the location of charging stations Expressed for electric cars in the British capital, this data is provided by Moovility and includes stations for vehicles from Tesla, Nissan and other manufacturers. In addition, the city, along with Paris and New York, is also receiving point information for bicycle rental.

Speaking of Paris, incidentally, City of Light finally received support for public transport information on Apple Maps. Now, the French capital as well as the entire le-de-France region can enjoy the routes through mass transit services; Ma's application supports municipal and intercity buses, the Paris Mtro, the RER urban train system and the Transilien rail system, in addition to other services in the suburbs. As usual on Apple Maps, all stations have been recorded in detail and the service provides complete routes, including the exit the user must take to make the shortest route.

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Still on the subject of detailed stations on Apple Maps, a reader of MacRumors it appears to have detected a series of cities that will soon receive support for the app's public transport information. How does he have this hunch? Simple: Apparently, weeks before releasing this information, Apple begins to update city maps, adding the detailed schemes of bus / train / metro stations to an existing standard since the introduction of the public transport functionality in Maps.

For now, several locations should be close to receiving this information, as they are seeing their public transport stations being updated. Among them, we have Netherlands, Singapore and Taiwan, and cities like Pomegranate, Las Vegas, Madrid and Adelaide. Other cities, such as Orlando, Buffalo and Nashville, in the United States, should also be updated soon but a little further, considering that only a few stations have been updated so far.

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