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Each Apple Park office chair cost almost $ 1,200

Apple is known for its minimalism and concern for every small aspect of everything it creates. It would be no different with his new home, the Apple Park, a project that Steve Jobs himself presented there in 2011.

Since, finally, the campus began to be erected, in 2014, we have followed the company's quest to build the megalomaniac spaceship in every detail, be it in the creation of the tables that would be used, the trees that would beautify the space, among other aspects .

This time, the Fast Company brought details about the chairs which are already being used by employees on the new large campus.

Pacific Apple Park Chair

According to the publication, a few years ago the design chief of Apple, our dear Jony Ive, would have met with designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, who presented the idea of ??a ?silent? chair, with smooth curves that would look good anywhere, even in a home.

Upon hearing this, the executive of Ma would have raised his eyebrows and let out an ?interesting thing?; a few months later, Apple would become the first consumer of Pacific Chair, manufactured by Vitra.

The development of the Pacific chair followed the guiding principle "complete performance, quiet design" and achieved a harmonious combination of these two characteristics. The high-quality, individual components have a consistent design language, ensuring the expressive clarity and precision of the Pacific chair.

The entire creation of the chair talked a lot with the wishes of Ive, who always tries to make the design of everything from Apple so simple that it seems "inevitable" for the end user.

The beautiful and silent chair, however, has a price and is not what we can call ?cheap?: each unit costs $ 1,185. However, we can consider that the company must have paid a little less than that, since it asked for enough to integrate the offices of all employees of the campus, whose capacity is about 12,000 people.


Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby sitting at Pacific

Although some parts of Apple Park are still unfinished, many Ma employees have been working on campus since the beginning of 2017; therefore, certainly several are already enjoying the silent and comfortable chair chosen by Ive.

via AppleInsider