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Belkin enters the wave of wireless charging with a new line of accessories; xing-ling copies of AirPower start popping up

THE Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 it starts only next week, but some of the news that will be seen at the fair are already starting to pop up over the internet like the glorious LG projector that we talked about earlier. Now, the Belkin One of the most celebrated manufacturers of accessories for mobile devices and Apple's longtime partner do the same.

The company, riding the wave of new iPhones with wireless charging support, presented a new line of accessories with support for the Qi protocol, called Boost Up. There are four options, each with slightly different characteristics but all with the capacity to supply a load at 10W (for compatible devices, that is, iPhones currently limit to 7.5W in wireless recharges); all accessories are also capable of carrying smartphones with cases up to 3mm thick.


Boost Up Bold


Boost Up Charging Stand

O Boost Up Bold the most ?common? option in the group, with a circular loading surface and four colors between options. O Boost Up Charging Stand it has a design similar to its predecessor and the same color options, but a support that allows you to position your smartphone in powder, making it easier to use while charging is in progress.


Boost Up Wireless Car Mount


Boost Up Dual

O Boost Up Wireless Car Charging Mount, in turn, an automotive support that can be attached to the windshield or dashboard of your car and is adjustable to hold smartphones of all types or sizes; it also has an extra USB port to charge other devices. Finally, the Boost Up Dual a similar solution, although a little less elegant and possibly cheaper with Apple's AirPower charger: it brings two charging surfaces for the user to complete the battery of two devices at the same time.

Belkin has not yet announced the prices of its new line of accessories, but says that the products will reach the market by the summer of the northern hemisphere.

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Speaking of the charger AirPower, whose shadow is yet to be seen on the shelves of the world, finally what is expected is happening: his first copies xing-ling are starting to pop up around the world.

As the video above shows, an unidentified company from Shenzhen, China, has already managed to develop its solution to create a very convincing copy of Ma's upcoming accessory, carrying an iPhone X and an Apple Watch on the same surface. The bastard twin was obviously named "Mini AirPower" (even because it appears to be slightly smaller than the original version) and sources say it is costing about R $ 50 in China.

Disregarding the danger of carrying your R $ 7,000 smartphone in a non-certified accessory, a beautiful bargain, considering the real price of the AirPower. N?

via Cult of Mac, 9to5Mac