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Apple Watch helps student save himself in car accident

O Apple Watch a great device for those who want to improve their quality of life, collect health data and exercise. But it can be a good asset in emergencies too, as a student who was saved thanks to the gadget.

Casey Bennett, 22, told in a humorous way ABC News his near-death experience on returning from college. He was going home when another car hit his Jeep, which overturned several times. The airbags they started, and when the car stopped, Bennett hung upside down, held by his seat belt.

Since his cell phone was out of reach because it was launched to the other side of the car, he remembered to press the side button on the Apple Watch to call the emergency. Along with the call, the watch also sent a message with the location to your emergency contact in the case, your father.

Firefighters arrived in six minutes and helped him out of the car. His father, who saw the emergency message in time, went to Bennett's location and took him to the hospital. Fortunately, he only had a few scratches.

After the suffocation, the student sent a letter to Tim Cook telling about his experience with the Apple Watch emergency feature, which made the watch on watchOS 3. He then received a response saying that everyone at Apple was happy to be okay.

We hope to never need to use this function, but always good to have everything properly configured if it happens. If you have not yet added emergency contacts, I suggest that you do so even if you do not have an Apple Watch.

To do this, just go to the Sade app (Health), in the ?Medical File? tab. Tap on ?Edit? and you will see options to add / remove in ?Emergency Contacts?. On the Apple Watch, to call the emergency, simply press the side button (below the Digital Crown) until the screen is displayed with three options: Disconnect, Medical Record and Emergency. Continue pressing the button until the connection is made.

(via 9to5Mac)