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Apple store in Switzerland is evacuated after a battery overheats and produces a lot of smoke [atualizado]

According to the watson (Google Translate), Apple Bahnhofstrasse (in Zurich, in Switzerland) was temporarily evacuated after a battery overheated and filled the place with smoke.

According to the vehicle, police, firefighters and ambulances were called after a call early in the morning. One of Ma's employees (probably a Genius) would have suffered minor burns when removing the battery from the device in question (unspecified). Another six people received medical care at the site possibly due to the inhalation of smoke; fortunately, no one had to be hospitalized.

According to the police, the evacuation of the store went smoothly; firefighters covered the battery with sand in order to contain the smoke. The battery and device are now being examined by the Zurich Forensic Institute to determine the cause of the problem.

Taking into account that Apple now has a program focused on replacing iPhones batteries due to the controversy surrounding the reduction in the processing power of iPhones, this is news that may cause concern for some. Let's hope, however, that it is an isolated case. ?

via 9to5Mac

Update 01/09/2018 s 15:39

The device in question was a iPhone 6s Plus.


IPhone 6s Plus battery that caught fire inside Apple Bahnhofstrasse

The photos above were shared (Google Translate) by the site 20 Minuten.

via 9to5Mac