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Apple hires executives from Amazon, Hulu and Legendary Entertainment to grow its video content team

Before the Apple collect heavy with original content, as she probably plans to do, she needs to assemble a heavy team. And, just as we have seen it happen, Ma again invested in various talents hollywoodians.

As the Variety (1, 2), an executive from Hulu, one from Legendary Entertainment and three from Amazon left the companies to join Apple's video content team.

Philip Matthys (ex-Hulu) and Jennifer Wang Grazier (ex-Legendary Entertainment)Philip Matthys (ex-Hulu) and Jennifer Wang Grazier (ex-Legendary)

Philip Matthys worked as head of business at Hulu, where he handled both negotiations and policies, having been responsible for the titles "The Handmaid?s Tale", "Fugitives" ("Marvel?s Runaways"), ?The Looming Tower?, "The First", "Castle Rock", among others. Matthys was hired by Apple last month and is currently in the same position in Cupertino.

Another new face on the piece (from Ma) Jennifer Wang Grazier, who served as vice president for legal and business affairs at Legendary. She contributed to the productions "Colony" (from the USA Network), ?Love and Lost in Space? (from Netflix), ?The Looming Tower?, "Carnival Row" (from Amazon) and more. She started work at Apple in January.

The three executives who left Amazon towards Ma are Tara Sorensen, Carina Walker and Tara Pietri. Sorensen, who worked as a child program manager at Amazon, now occupies a similar position at Apple. J Walker, who was in the international development division, is now an international creative executive. Pietri was head of business and, at Ma, staying in the legal affairs division.

As it has been happening for some time, Apple has really put its chips on heavy contracts to increasingly increase the work that is already being done and, certainly, to take on much larger proportions.

While working behind the scenes, we look forward to a really great and interesting original production as a result of all these negotiations and contracts.

via 9to5Mac, AppleInsider