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Apple continues to do a good job of adapting its commercials to Brazil

If there's one thing that Apple Brazil he knows how to do well, charge dearly for the products he sells in our country.

And then, one thing leads to another: if she wants to sell well here, she needs to invest a lot in advertising as well. And, of course, you're doing a good job in that regard.

Just last week, 18 (!) Videos were published on the Apple Brazil channel, on YouTube it is worth noting that we already know everyone, since when they were released in their original versions, of course.

The first was Christmas, entitled "Prom":

Then came three fast commercials from Apple Watch Series 3:

A, a little piece of that excellent iPad Pro:

Then four focused on iPhone X:

Finally, today she published nine of those with tips from iOS 11 on iPad Pro:

Too bad Apple Brazil doesn't give that same attention to other things ?