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Apple announces that Final Cut Pro X already has a base of more than 2 million users

During the NAB Show 2017 (National Association of Broadcasters), Apple announced that the Final Cut Pro X reached a base of more than 2 million users.

This milestone comes after basically five and a half years of the release of the tenth version of the software. Without disclosing any date, Apple said it took longer to get the first corn, but that when they reached it, they reached the second corn much faster and adoption continues to increase.

This number comes as a surprise, perhaps, for those who thought that the new version of the video editing software would not get on board it had a very negative repercussion when it was released. Many complaints surrounded the app mainly because it was completely redesigned, leaving behind many features of version 7 to make way for a new look and new functions.

Final Cut Pro X on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

The dissatisfaction was so great that users created petitions online for Apple to modify the new version of the software. In addition, the creator of the FCPX, Randy Ubillos, suggested that Ma give people a free copy of version 7 alongside version 10 (this idea is rejected by Apple).

We know that we are all, to some extent, resistant to change; but not for that reason we can consider the complaints of users as silly because it is expensive professional software, which is not only used for entertainment, but by professionals in the field.

Nowadays, FCPX is already one of the most used and accepted video editing software by professionals. It can be purchased for $ 300 on the Mac App Store, but you can download a free version (30-day trial) from the Apple website.

Final Cut Pro app icon

(via 9to5Mac)