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Apple acquires Beddit, sleep monitoring platform with iOS apps and watchOS

Sleep monitoring is possible since the first generation of the Apple Watch, however, in an unofficial way (ie, by third-party applications available on the App Store). But that looks like it will change, at least if we look at Apple?s newest acquisition.

Ma has just acquired the Beddit, a company that owns a sleep monitoring platform with iOS / watchOS apps that work concurrently with an accessory that is under the mattress (sold even in the Apple Online Store in some countries).

Beddit app icon (for Model 3.0)

The acquisition was announced by the 9to5Mac and, interestingly, it was discovered thanks to a change in the company's privacy policy made precisely because of the purchase. Now, under the tutelage of Ma, the terms have been changed according to the guidelines of the company led by Tim Cook.

Beddit was acquired by Apple. Your personal data will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with Apple's Privacy Policy.

You don't have to be a genius to connect the dots and realize that with the acquisition, Apple most likely plans to incorporate the sleep monitoring feature into the Apple Watch, which is widely promoted by the company as a perfect companion for well being (health, fitness, etc.).

Sleep monitoring something desired by many (like this humble editor). It remains to be seen if Apple has already been working on something that could very well be one of the good news of the ?Apple Watch Series 3? and / or watchOS 4 or if the company is starting to incorporate something like this in its watch, the from now, with the purchase of Beddit.