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App Analytics gains new features to track application progress

Another novelty to warm the hearts of developers appeared yesterday (3/5). Apple announced on its page for developers that, from now on, the App Analytics, on iTunes Connect, has new features for tracking application progress.

Several data were already made available to developers on the Analytics page previously, such as the time a user stays in an app, where in the world he accesses, reports of crashes, payment information, among other things. Now, in addition to all this, developers can check whether users arrived at the app through the App Store, from other apps or directly from web pages.

App Analytics on iTunes Connect now provides information on where customers discover your app, including the App Store search area, from other apps or on the web. With key metrics based on types of sources, you can see your main applications and reference sites, making it easy to optimize your marketing campaigns.

Having access to this information is really essential for developers, since they can do targeted work in their campaigns and in the distribution of apps. And, it seems, the data that are appearing for the developers on the page are for the last three weeks (that is, Apple activated the feature before the announcement).

Interesting these new analyzes on iTunes Connect. It looks like he started tracking the App Store sources about three weeks ago.

App Analytics was launched in May 2015 to provide developers with a broader view of how their applications are being discovered and used. If you are an Apple Developer member, you can access these details directly from the iTunes Connect page.

(via 9to5Mac)