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Amazon Prime Video may – finally – reach Apple TV in the coming months [atualizado: WWDC?]

That Apple TV one of the main competitors in the field of set-top boxes contemporary, no one will doubt that; undeniable, on the other hand, that Ma's alternative to the ?international? future of the television watching experience still has some important gaps did anyone speak in 4K?

One of these gaps, however, may find its end in the near future: according to information from the Recode, Apple and Amazon are close to reaching a ?truce? and, until the next quarter, the online sales giant will start offering its service streaming Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV.

Illustration of Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV

It's nothing new for anyone that Apple and Amazon compete in a number of segments and haven't been in the best of shape lately; both giants seem, however, to have reached an agreement for Amazon Prime Video to reach Ma's gadget. Apparently, such a negotiation would be taking place "at the highest level of the two companies", that is, it is not crazy to think that Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos (CEOs of the respective companies) in person (s) would be talking to the agreement between both parties.

So far, Apple TV users who want to watch exclusive series like "Transparent" or ?The Man In The High Castle? they needed to resort to the little intuitive and far from the ideal AirPlay method, mirroring the screen of some other Ma device, like a Mac or iPhone. With the supposed arrival of the Amazon Prime Video app set-top box, the users of the gadget make life much easier through a native interface and even possible integration with Siri.

Amazon Prime Video, as you recall, is already available in Brazil for US $ 6 per month (with a promotional price of US $ 3 in the first six months).

And, is it a good addition to the Apple TV catalog or does it make a lot of difference?

(via Apple World Today)

Update · 05/11/2017 s 18:34

According to John Paczkowski, from BuzzFeed (which has a good history of prediction hits for Apple events), the Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV has a certain date to be announced: the keynote opening WWDC 2017, to happen on June 5th.

Also according to him, the agreements between Apple and Amazon have already been finalized and, after the announcement, the application will reach the hands of consumers no later than the end of the summer in the Northern Hemisphere the precise date of launch, however, it seems still have been defined.

Let us wait carefully.

(via 9to5Mac)