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Amazon may be working on top-secret flu cure project

According to internal sources, Amazon has more than 100 people involved in research to cure the flu

While the world is in a constant search for drugs and vaccines against the new coronavirus, the Amazon may be working in another area: the cure for common flu. Sources heard by the North American channel CNBC reported that the giant of the e-commerce has been studying the project for years.

Three people involved in the research said the study for curing conventional flu was done by more than 100 people, including technologists and scientists. The team is part of the Grand Challenge, a technological laboratory that finds innovative solutions for health. The top secret project and is being called by Amazon in Gesundheit Project.

Woman with flu holding a handkerchiefAmazon's project for the cure of common flu was called Project Gesundheit

The team of researchers, also called by the codename 1492, led by Babak Parviz, Vice President of Amazon. Parviz known for leading the Google X, research and development group of Alphabet, company of the research giant.

Common flu cure is not easy

The fact that Amazon having been working for a long time on curing common flu says a lot about the complexities of the study. The cure of the cold is difficult, especially since there are several strains, with mutations that appear over time. To give you an idea, the current vaccine, which is given annually, prevents against the strains estimated by researchers.

Health professional preparing the flu vaccine for application to a patient Total flu cure is hard to achieve

The cure of conventional flu is considered almost impossible, as there are almost 200 types of rhinoviruses known. They cause the common flu, explains the science magazine Scientific American.

Amazon on the first

Efforts to develop a cure for the cold are old. Also according to Scientific American, some scientists began to study this possibility in 1950, when rhinovirus was discovered.

More recently, last year, researchers from Stanford University (United States) have even advanced in their studies to create an effective healing method.

Technology and medicine

Amazon logoAmazon has been investing heavily in the health sector

Powerful technology companies are increasingly invested in health. In addition to research in development, in 2018, Amazon bought the PillPack, a digital pharmacy startup. J a Alexa, the company's virtual assistant, shares medical information with its users.

The Chinese Alibaba, which has been joining efforts to combat the spread of the new coronavirus, has created a system that detects a person infected with COVID-19 in just 20 seconds. In addition, the company is expanding its investments in other businesses in the health area.

Source: Business Insider.