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Amazon and eBay apps no longer support Apple Watch; Google pronounces itself in relation to Maps

As we reported much earlier than international vehicles, let?s say, the Google Maps app gained some really cool features but, on the other hand, stopped offering Apple Watch support in a very mysterious way. Now, Google has spoken out on this, with a news that will warm the hearts of users.

@Google comment on @Apple Watch: ?We removed Apple Watch support from our latest iOS updates, but we will support it again in the future.?

However, there are more expensive ones on this dune. Even though we noticed the ?temporary? disappearance of Google Maps from the Apple watch, other apps also silently lost support for watchOS, like that of Amazon and the eBay. Both apps had their watchOS versions removed after their latest iOS updates were released in late April.

EBay App on Apple Watch

As the AppleInsiderOk, maybe buying a variety of products on a small screen on our wrist is not the ideal way to shop. However, the eBay app at least allowed users to track the status auction, something very useful. As far as Google Maps is concerned, it was certainly a hand on the wheel to just glance and know its position, and it was probably much more used than Apple Maps itself.

Even though Google has expressed its interest in supporting the Apple Watch in the future, it is not clear what led companies to remove their apps from the watch at about the same time; it may all be a coincidence or not!

Google Maps app icon - traffic & food

Amazon Shopping app icon

EBay app icon


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