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Alert: the most profitable games of 2016 are “going down the slope” on the American App Store

In the novelty that launches, in general, tend to decrease profitability and the hype after a certain period. And this is especially true for games every day, one more interesting than the other. So we can say that staying at the top is as difficult or more difficult than getting there.

As the data analysis firm shows Sensor Tower, games on Top 10 more profitable have been suffering a steady decline and have been experiencing some difficulty in maintaining the growing profit.

Top profitable games from 2016 to 2017

In the chart above, we can see some of the most profitable games in the United States, all with internal purchases (In-App Purchases) and raised more than $ 10 million in a single month. Starting from its first months of life and going until the 14th (in some cases; in others, the game does not have that whole life), it is possible to verify that none of the apps managed to remain with their best number for a long time.

The Pokmon GO phenomenon, for example, achieved its highest profit in the month it was launched (July last year), reaching US $ 50.6 million. As we already know, the levels have calmed down over time.

The Supercell game Clash Royale, on the other hand, also had a considerable release and later decreased significantly. However, unlike Niantic's game, he managed to excel well, so much so that he still remains at the top in several stores (including the Brazilian one).

Something that has made a big difference in the most profitable games are the events that companies release, wisely, in order to give new air and attract the attention of more players. That's what happened to NBA Live, which peaked months after its release.

Although the data is interesting, it only shows the reality of the American App Store; here in Brazil, the story is a little different. That's because there is still no exact data source other than the list that we can all access on iTunes or the App Store itself. For comparison, below are the lists of today's most profitable games in Brazil and the United States:

Top profitable apps on the Brazilian App StoreTop profitable apps on Brazilian App Store
Top profitable apps on the American App StoreTop profitable apps on American App Store

Alis, who's Super Mario Run in line for bread? As we saw in the chart, it arrived so well and now, in the Brazilian ranking of the most profitable, poor is in 64th position in the USA, he is in 169! As the Recode, it may be that the hefty $ 10 (in-house purchase) price scared the public a little easier to bet on sales of lower values ??(as in the case of Pokmon GO and Clash Royale, for example), making players stay paying for a longer period.

For the companies of these games, analyzes like these serve as a thermometer so that they can continue innovating with their games and attracting the attention of new or more constant players.

(via Recode)