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AI 100: In the ranking of the most promising startups in AI lead those that bet on health

The technological company CB Insights released its annual ranking of the 100 most promising startups worldwide in the area of ??artificial intelligence (AI): AI 100. The list does not include any Portuguese company, with the Americans leading and the companies in the area dominate betting on AI solutions.

Among the five thousand startups identified by CB Insights, the company selected the 100 winners through a process that combines a database and research by the team.

Check out all the winners in the image, from areas as varied as telecommunications, health, finance and retail.

AI 100 2020 The 100 most promising startups in the field of artificial intelligence

The ranking includes startups at different stages of life, integrating companies that are now starting to market their products and expand them to new markets. The list also includes companies that are gradually managing to establish business relationships with important stakeholders and new startups that have not yet collected external financing.

In total, the 100 startups raised 7.4 billion dollars in financing through more than 300 agreements with more than 600 investors. Of these companies, 10 of them are unicorns, such as the Butterfly Network, which is building portable ultrasound equipment that uses AI-assisted diagnostics and DataRobot, which provides tools that help companies develop AI applications.

Health the "top" AI industry

On the CB Insights list, 13 companies are focused on AI-based health care, which shows its growing importance in this area. Eko, for example, is integrating AI software into stethoscopes to monitor heart health and has recently received approval from the Federal and Drug Administration, which regulates all health products in the United States.

The areas of retail and the process of storing products in warehouses are the second to lead in the field of AI, in a list in which it is the American startups that are in greater number in this ranking (65%).

Although Portugal is not on this list, it should be noted that five Portuguese startups were recently selected for the European competition Tech5, which chooses the fastest growing scaleups in Europe according to their revenues.DefinedCrowd, Sword Health, Jscrambler, e Barkyn were chosen this year at national level, after 2019 being the first time that Portugal participated.