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44% of mobile devices activated the week before Christmas were from Apple, reveals survey

The holiday season, without a doubt, the period in which manufacturers in all segments enjoy stronger and more consistent sales; in this sense, a favorable period for us to analyze which companies were the most successful of the year, as we can look at a microcosm of the annual receipt of their devices.

Following this logic, Apple had an excellent 2017, if the metric is this research from Flurry. The statistics firm surveyed all mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) activated globally in the week before Christmas and concluded that, in this universe, 44% (almost half!) Of them have a Ma printed on some part of their carcasses .

Smartphone activation survey for Christmas week 2017, Flurry

As you can see from the graph, the only other company that won a share of more than two digits in the devices activated in the week from 19/12 to 12/25 was the Samsung, with 26%; then comes to Huawei, with 5%, and a technical tie between Xiaomi, Motorola, LG and OPPO, all with 3%. The Chinese Live came next, with 2%.

It is worth noting that the 44% achieved by Apple are the same as last year, indicating a solid performance of the company in the global market. Flurry also separated the most activated Cupertinian devices in the week in question, placing the iPhone 7 with the largest share (15.1%), the iPhone 6 with the second largest (14.9%) and the iPhone X in third place (14.7%). With that, we see the strength of the older (and cheaper) Ma devices especially in emerging markets, which contribute strongly to these numbers.

Smartphone activation survey for Christmas week 2017, Flurry

Finally, it is also interesting to see the distribution of devices activated during Christmas week by type. The graph below shows the tremendous growth in the popularity of so-called phablets, while showing the slow and gradual death of small tablets; ?medium? phones also lose popularity each year while ?small? phones have completely disappeared from the map.

Smartphone activation survey for Christmas week 2017, Flurry

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Finally, just as a related note, the Localytics did a similar search for device activation, but referring only to the United States market and only on Christmas weekend. It is also worth noting that the metric taken into account by Localytics is the jump in the number of activations of the devices over the Christmas weekend compared to previous weeks, in contrast to the Flurry survey, which is a basic slice division.

The result was as follows:

Smartphone activation survey for Christmas week 2017, Localytics

Surprisingly, devices Pixel 2, from Google, won first and second place in the survey, with 38.61% of the universe for the smaller model and 31.41% for the XL. O iPhone X followed, with 28.72%, and the following five devices are also from Apple: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, 12.9 ? iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation) and 10.5 ? iPad Pro. S after all these we have two models from Samsung, the Galaxy Note8 it's the S8.

Intriguing, isn't it?

via TechCrunch