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Xiaomi literally sends Mi 10 Pro into space to photograph the earth

Xiaomi literally sends Mi 10 Pro into space to photograph the earth

It definitely looks like Xiaomi has no limits, the company literally sent a Mi 10 Pro into space.

The goal was to capture photos to show the features of its main 108 megapixel camera. The smartphone was sent on a space satellite and captured stunning photos of the Earth.

Xiaomi launched a satellite in 2019 with the same 108-megapixel sensors as the Mi 10 Pro. Although the images look really impressive, they represent just 8 seconds of a more than 1-minute commercial on the Mi 10 Pro.

Obviously, the advertisement proves that the smartphone cameras may not yet be ready to capture photos from the proposed distance of a satellite in orbit, however, the final result shows beautiful images.

The slogan says "See your world at 108 megapixels". We all know that the probability of us, mere mortals, traveling to space is basically zero. But the clear idea is to illustrate the capacity of the 108-megapixel sensor present at the top of Xioami's line for 2020.

According to the announcement, Xiaomi expects to serve more than 100 million users worldwide in 2020. The Mi 10 series is already available in China and, we already announce here that the global launch event of the new Mi 10 line will be held online, at the end of the month, March 27.

The new Mi 10 line, which will bring the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro to the market, are highly anticipated worldwide and especially here in Brazil. The fan base is large and, even though smartphones are officially going to arrive at a very high price, the gray market is already working on chopsticks to bring the company's next line tops for a fair price.

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