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With the A6 chip, Apple will be able to present a new process architecture

Normally, Apple usually registers trademarks in countries that are farther away from the news, so that when the product is on fire, it also registers it in more popular markets, such as the United States. For this reason, the brand Macroscalar, recently registered in the USA and Hong Kong, generated suspicion. What would that be?

Macroscalar trademark application

According to Patently Apple, Macroscalar would be a process architecture that has been developed by Apple since 2004 with the right to four patents already duly registered. Currently, the frequency of clock of processors does not translate into higher performance, as most software is not optimized to use the technology.

With the new technology, Apple intends to put an end to this problem. From what I understand, among other things, it can generate secondary instructions at compile time, so when a loop completed, the next set of instructions will now be ready to be executed. In short: the company is able to process information in an innovative way, increasing performance and decreasing consumption. iGadgets will be able to run games like Infinity Blade 2 with their feet on their backs, without any delay or bottlenecks, even when it comes to switching applications (multitasking).

It does not cost to remember that more than 1,000 engineers of the company would be working totally focused on chips, and such novelty could be part of the new A6 processor, which should appear on the iPad 3 whose launch is expected to March.

As Apple designs its own chips, the Macroscalar architecture would certainly be another competitive advantage. It remains to be seen whether the new solution fulfills its promise. Such a novelty could be presented to us, consumers, in the same way that the Retina display was once again placing the Cupertino firm in a leadership position.

(via MacRumors, Cult of Mac)