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Rumor: iPhone 6.1 ″ with LCD, a rear camera, aluminum frame and without 3D Touch would be the cheapest option of 2018

Over the years, it has become increasingly difficult not to believe rumors about Apple devices being released. A lot of what we've heard has come true recently (just remember the rumors that preceded the iPhones 8 and X).

That is why, whenever we have new information from analysts, mainly from Ming-Chi Kuo, from KGI Securities, which has been quite successful in recent years, everyone keeps an eye on the news. And it was exactly him who came more details of a supposed new 6.1-inch iPhone, which can arrive in the second half of 2018.

iPhones 2018 KGI SecuritiesNOTE: the KGI image has a small error: the iPhone 8 Plus has 3GB of RAM.

Being an intermediate size of the three that are likely to be launched this year, the 6.1 ? iPhone will be an entry-level device (the cheapest option), according to Kuo. He will keep the design of his brothers, with the upper cutout, TrueDepth camera and Face ID, but his frame would be made of aluminum (instead of stainless steel, like the others). What is not yet clear is whether the entire housing is made of glass or the rear is also made of aluminum, which could mean that there would also be no wireless charging.

To stay with a lower price range, the screen would be LCD instead of OLED; however, according to the Commercial Times, Apple would use a new technology from Japan Display called "Full Active" which we have already explained in detail in this article. This type of screen allows the border to be just 0.5mm (even smaller than the iPhone X), and can have a resolution of 21601080 pixels (395ppp Kuo suggests it would be 320ppp to 330ppp) and 18: 9 aspect ratio.

In addition, the device would only have a rear camera and see, it would not be equipped with 3D Touch technology. If in fact Apple removed it from the new device, it would be a somewhat different approach for the company, since all the latest generations of iPhones have the recourse unless it offers a good explanation for this.

In the internal components, Kuo said that the device will have 3GB of RAM, but not adopt the battery in "L" shape and the logic board stacked as in the iPhone X.

Regarding prices, the analyst had bet on about $ 650-750, but now he said it could be $ 700-800. KGI is confident about sales, betting that the device should represent 50% of them, remaining strong until 2019.

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