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REVIEW: Voyager Focus UC, Plantronics headset ideal for office and everyday use

Are you looking for a phone that fits your office routine and is elegant enough to stand out? The Plantronics headeset, Voyager Focus UC, may be your best option!

Are you the type of person who lives with headphones, whether for use at work or leisure? Do you often switch between PC and smartphone frequently, making calls or listening to music? For precisely with the objective of making your life easier that Plantronics created the Voyager Focus UC, O headset extremely smart that we were pleased to test. Below, we list all the promised functions and how well they work.

Voyager Focus UC highlights

plantronics voyager headset with logo caseThe headset comes with a protective case (Disclosure; edited)

The Voyager Focus UC headset has as main attraction the active noise cancellation which, in practice, makes everyday use more comfortable, without you feeling the pressure on your ears, or that almost claustrophobic feeling of using headphones that isolate 100% of the external noise. To activate it, there is a metallic switch with the acronym ANC on the side, which abbreviates active noise canceling (or cancellation of active noise, in free translation).

O microphone it can be rotated to either side, allowing you to invert the headset and use it over both the right and left ear. In doing so, it automatically reverses the audio output (left and right side of the headphones, for stereo music, for example).

The package also impresses right away: in addition to the headphones, you have a case for transportation, a base to charge the battery, a connector micro USB it is a dongle USB ie a Bluetooth receiver device, in case your machine does not have the technology.

Smart connection

I was taken aback by a feature the first time I put on music to test the power of the headphones. When he removes the headset from his head and puts it on his neck to listen to a conversation, he paused automatically about 1 second after recognizing that it wasn't over my ears. Then, when replacing, the music start over where you left off.

In another scenario, I tested different time intervals, with the cell phone connected, the music still played again, whether it was paused for 5 seconds or few minutes. The first time the smart pause happened, it was so intuitive that I picked up my phone to play again, until I realized that the Spotify was minimized and yet he gave automatic play. This feature also works on PRAÇA, in programs that enable the use of play / pause contained on the keyboard.

plantronics voyager headset on wooden table with focus on play / pause and fast forward / rewind musicPhysical play / pause buttons have excellent tactile feedback

To communicate the connection, battery and other information, there is a voice familiar to those who are used to dealing with Bluetooth speakers, saying power off, battery high and things like that. When we talk about phone calls, he also does not disappoint: taking the headphones off puts the call on dumb, putting them back summarizes the call.

The headset allows simultaneous connection with more than one device, and when connecting with both the cell phone (Bluetooth) and the PC (dongle), it is easy to switch between them. If you are at the PC working and listening to music, for example, when playing any audio on your cell phone or even answering a call, the Plantronics recognizes and makes the switch in a few seconds.

detail of the bluetooth switch and on / off of the plantronics voyager headset, on wooden tableThe on / off switch and the very discreet Bluetooth pairing option

So if you have the dongle on your computer all the time, when listening to music on the way to work, you can use the headset on your PC right away without having to synchronize, or configure anything. After turning on the PC, you hear a warning of connected PC and ready, everything happens instantly.

In another scenario, however, you hear an error: when switching the connection from the PC to the cell phone, the content on the first device was paused, giving rise to the audio of the second. Upon returning, the handset recognized the PC connection as phone call even reproducing a video (via VLC), drastically reducing the audio quality. The way found to correct this fault was to restart the connection by pressing the microphone button (to mute, open and then close the microphone again). It was the only time that Focus failed to recognize the type of content / device.

Another point of attention happens every new connection, since the Plantronics always delay exact 10 seconds to play audio. In the scenario where the headset is connected only to the PC and the music is being played over the cell phone speakers, you turn on Bluetooth on that device. Although the connection is established immediately, there are complete silence for 10 seconds you watch the time go by in the player, then continue to hear the sound.

detail of the bass switch and usb connection of the plantronics voyager headset, on a wooden tableActive noise cancellation and micro USB connection remembering that it is a pity it does not work with wire!

The selector ANC enables the cancellation of active noise, which makes the audio more natural and less muffled (product intelligence that improves sound quality). On the opposite side there is the button to ?answer the call?, but if you keep it pressed, the voice assistant your device. We tested this on Android and it worked, but the brand claims to work in the iOS.


Talking about noise cancellation, I admit that I was extremely impressed with the technology applied here. The duo headset + microphone It is really powerful, being a perfect product for those who use it in the day-to-day of the office.

As a way to test the limits of what is sold, I made an audio recording. A simple snap of fingers, at the distance of an outstretched arm, if added to the voice, magically undetected. In another instance, I made a phone call while the TV was relatively loud, about 2.5 meters away from the microphone, and the person on the other end of the line said he heard my isolated voice.

detail of plantronics voyager headset microphoneRefined design boom makes up to one click when adjusted to the vertical position

In a third test, I recorded audio from the cell phone when writing part of this review (yes, you are reading an excerpt from a ?meta-review?), and the noise of typing leaked a lot to the headphones. Detail: I have a mechanical keyboard with yellow switch, and those that are not tuned to the peripherals, one of the quietest keyboard types on the market.

Ironically, cancellation can also be very useful for gamers or streamers, as interference from third-party noises can make quite a difference in a respectable recording or game. The good thing that at any moment you can turn on the microphone to have audio feedback in real time just press the red button next to the boom.

button detail for muting plantronics voyager headset microphone?Mute? button activates audio input for real-time feedback, whenever you want

Having the direct feedback of your voice inside the phone (with a moderate volume if added to the audio that is already playing) can be a form of distraction. Thinking about using the Plantronics headset in offices, as this is the whole Voyager Focus UC proposal, it is terrible to put yourself in a situation where your coworker's voice Can be amplified even more and worse: right in your ears.

An option to turn on the microphone at any time, regardless of the connection. For example: if you connect the TV headset, which, despite being smart, does not recognize microphones, you can still hear yourself. The volume instantly lowers, by about 80% (you can still hear the sound of the TV in the background) and feedback predominates. When the microphone is turned off by the physical button, the background sound gradually normalizes.


The most surprising part of our tests was the battery life. With the first charge performed, in less than half an hour outlet, the battery has charged enough to last 7 hours. When charging with USB at the PlayStation for just under two hours, I realized that the battery lasted for about two days of intensive use.

Voyager Focus UC's warning system estimates a longer-than-real battery life. Upon receiving the ?low battery? warning, it was estimated that the phone would work for another 3 hours, however the battery lasted only half an hour, connected to only one device.

detail of the charging base of the plantronics voyager headset on a wooden table, with lighting below the brand logoVoyager Focus UC base, illuminated, which connects via USB to any outlet or device

The product package from Plantronics also comes with a micro USB cable, so you can charge and use with the Bluetooth connection at the same time. it's a pity he doesn't have wired connection.

I really admit to not mastering engineering behind this, but we can take a video game control of the current generation as a reference: when connecting it via cable in a system that does not recognize the Bluetooth connection, it works normally. If the headset followed the same logic, the use could be expanded to those who work on a notebook, for example the cable is too short to use comfortably in any desktop scenario.

Personalization and comfort

Voyager Focus UC a lightweight phone, there's no denying it. The metallic strip that wraps around the top absurdly Light and helps sell all of robustness of product. On the sides, you can adjust the height in 10 positions, and the leather cushion is the icing on the cake, allowing it to rest on your ears without pressure.

Headrest adjustment for plantronics voyager headset, with detail for regulator showing numbers from 1 to 5.Adjustments with numerical indicator and the band let you enjoy the Voyager Focus UC with total comfort

The support of the cushion is made of rubber, and contact with the plastic base of the earphones results in noise due to friction. So if you're walking around with the phone on, it's a modest stagger of the head stretch the support and sound reverberate right in your ears. Therefore, the tip: despite the portability and practicality of the wireless connection, it is not recommended to use the headset for more intense activities, as the headphones tend to move, causing noise.

detail of plantronics voyager headset black and red ear padsPillows with red internal detail are another proof of the good finish of the product

Of course, we cannot ignore a compliment about the ear pads. Even when using Voyager Focus UC for straight hours, I did not notice discomfort in the pressure exerted. The foam is very soft and the lining prevents the ears from accumulating so much sweat, even if they are leather.

A suggestion of the brand to install the app Plantronics Hub (for smartphones and desktops). There are some configurations in it, nothing so special. Even with the Portuguese language option, it is not possible to change the language of the voice of your product's software functionality present in other headsets of the same line, such as Plantronics Voyager Edge UC. Honestly, I only installed it for testing purposes, as it is not necessary at all for routine uses.

A final highlight for personalization (which also fits well with the smart functions we mentioned earlier) is the option to change the orientation of the boom microphone, in case you prefer it to be over your ear right or left.

With this, it is possible to rotate the handset 180 and, best of all: the device also recognizes and reverses the audio output, instantly. And if you don?t use the microphone, it?s safe locked vertically, common subtle click It is quite satisfactory.

Cost-benefit x audio

Audio quality a discussion that takes into account very subjective points as well shows a famous Harman Kardon ?advertising documentary? called The Distortion of Sound. You can have the best speaker setup and listen to a remastered version of a rock classic, while another pop music fan takes off the same benefit with an AirPod listening Spotify in high transmission.

As much as you are an audiophile, musician or editor, extremely complex note the subtle differences between high-end headphones. A good pair of headphones can have a powerful bass and, at the same time, devalue the treble, but the contrast only becomes clearer if you have another product in hand to compare.

voyager focus uc headset, dongle and iphone on white backgroundConnection with dongle or Bluetooth: your choice

When putting the cost-benefit of Voyager Focus UC at the forefront, it is worth thinking that it is a headset, and not just a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Therefore, the greatest weight of the product is in the microphone and phone combo. For experiments with headphones from AKG and Sennheiser, I fear to admit that Voyager has a slight inferiority.

If you think that competitors' Bluetooth headsets, with 60% lower price, can achieve a quality similar to the Plantronics product (here in Brazil), the choice can be quite obvious to those looking for wireless headphones. Parallel to this, other products in the Voyager line, such as 8200 UC, may be a better request to anyone who just wants to hear good music.


As the manufacturer himself informs on the product website, the Voyager Focus UC was "designed specifically for (non-office use)?. The above average price (R $ 1,899.90), when compared to other similar headsets, is a reaffirmation of the intended use of the product, which is proven by the very high quality and potential for durability.

The product's intelligence is a very necessary comfort if you understand all limits and scenarios, applying your own routine of use. Are you used to being interrupted in the middle of calls? Do you usually spend a lot of time listening to music? Want a wireless product that lasts all day, without giving you a headache? If you answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, I think Focus is a good choice.

plantronics voyager headset on wooden table with microphone focusYou can invert the microphone to the opposite side and Focus recognizes it, also reversing the audio output

Do you want a headset that fulfills all the high audio quality fields on your list? Perhaps it is better to choose others that compensate more, including the Voyager line, without a microphone (yes, a headphone). Proof of this the headset is 100% wireless, aiming at greater compatibility and connection flexibility.

Whether it was a USB headset or came with a P2-P10 adapter, for example, we can then add a negative point. As in the case, Plantronics' proposal is clear, which has an extensive list of headsets for different pockets and tastes.

It was won by Voyager Focus UC and do you think it would revolutionize your work routine? Tell us in the comments.

  • Sound – 9/10
  • Microphone – 6/10
  • Design – 7/10
  • Drums – 10/10
  • Connectivity – 8/10


Plantronics Voyager Focus UC

The headset made for those who usually work using headphones, alternating between cell phone and computer. Therefore, it is ideal for those looking for an automatic change of devices. Play wherever you want, the handset recognizes and changes. Want to make a call? He pauses his music. Did someone interrupt you in the middle of the call? When you take it out of your ears it changes your voice instantly, without wavering.


  • Battery life
  • Intelligent play / pause and microphone guidance system
  • Simple change between connection via dongle and Bluetooth
  • High standard design
  • Can be used for hours due to the light weight and comfort of the cushions
  • Active noise cancellation gives the impression that you are not wearing headphones


  • Official price above average
  • Does not work with wire (even if it is accompanied by a micro USB)
  • Real-time voice feedback can get in the way of many scenarios