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Promotion on PUBG Mobile with up to 70% bonus through Razer Gold PIN

Promotional image of Razer Gold. Source: RazerPromotional image of Razer Gold. Source: Razer

A promotion for the mobile game PUBG was recently announced. Razer Brasil, in partnership with PUBG Corporation, is promoting the campaign "Earn up to 70% of UC bonuses", lasting until March 25. By paying on the Razer digital content purchase platform, players can purchase up to 70% bonus when purchasing a package of Unknown Cash, PUBG's virtual currency.

When purchasing Unknown Cash (UC) coins, the player will receive 10% up to 70% more UC in bonuses

The promotion will work as follows, when you buy, for example, R $ 10 on the Razer Gold platform, you will receive 10% more in Unknown Cash (UC) coins. At the same time, those who spend from R $ 20 to R $ 30, are entitled to a bonus of 43% UC. With the purchase made, just use the PIN code provided to purchase the UC package you want on the Midasbuy website, PUBG Mobile's shopping store, insert the player ID of your profile in the game and choose the Razer Pin as your payment method ( when making the purchase, confirm on the Razer Gold website, in your profile).

The value of the bonus increases gradually, over the days and according to the amount paid. Check out more details on the Razer Gold promotion page.

The promotion is valid for recharges using the PIN Razer Gold, which can be purchased on this website or through gift cards purchased at stores such as Lojas Americanas, Extra, Po de Acar, Saraiva, Casas Bahia, Ponto Frio and BIG. There is also the option to buy through recharge machines, present in more than 300 thousand points throughout Brazil. For those who do not want to use the credit card, it is still possible to pay by means of bank slips and deposits.

It is important to note that by purchasing on the Razer Gold platform, in addition to purchasing the bonuses offered, the player will be accumulating Razer Silvers, which can be redeemed on Razer products and peripherals or games and items on Steam.

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