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Now you can search for locations / hashtags, as well as archive Instagram posts [atualizado 2x: Direct]

If there is a team in the world of technology that has been presenting news even though ?not so new? like that of Instagram. In our print: the social network focused on photos and videos has really received new features from week to week. Having spent exactly seven days, we are again with other news announced by the company.

Instagram Explore

The joke about Mark Zuckerberg's constant copies of Snapchat features for social media is already tiring as are the copies themselves, as they don't really stop! In March, Snapchat launched the feature ?Stories Search?, which you can search for snaps worldwide by keywords. Now, guess what are the new possibilities of Instagram!

Today we?re excited to announce two new ways to discover the world around you in To explore: location of stories and hashtags in Stories. Now you can see what's going on around you and find stories related to your interests.

On the flap To explore, it is now possible to view a balloon of Stories with the current location, that is, if the option is enabled on your device. Touching it, you will see all the Stories who marked (with a sticker) the same location. So, if you search anywhere in the world, the photos, videos, map and interactions of the Stories in the balloon.

Hashtag Story

Search has also been improved by adding Stories categorized by hashtags. Yes, any keyword can be searched and, just like in the location, it is possible to see both the normal publications and the balloon with the Stories that are marked with a certain hashtag.

And if, for some reason, you marked the hashtag and / or your location but don't want to share it with the world? Easy! Just go on your list of Stories and touch the ?x?. Thus, your update will be hidden.

Speaking of ?hidden?, another novelty appeared today for all users. It is now possible to ?Archive? and hide any of your publications from your Instagram profile. Maybe you regret posting that shameful photo, but you want to keep it as a reminder then, you can archive and view it whenever you want.

In your profile, you can press and "throw" the photo upwards in order to see the option "Archive" among the others; you can also select one of the photos and, in your settings, touch ?Archive?. Then, at the top right of your profile, there is a clock icon for you to see everything that has already been filed.

This novelty somewhat resembles the "Memories" Snapchat, but we better stop with the comparisons (which seem to have no end) and take advantage, each with the app that uses more, the news brought by all of them.

via 9to5Mac, TechCrunch

Update by Eduardo Marques 05/25/2017 s 17:06

And take news! Today's possibility to share photos and permanent videos in portrait and landscape formats in Direct.

Now, whenever you want to send photos or videos to your friends on Direct from the Camera Roll, you no longer have to worry about cutting them. Instagram also added support for links on Direct. You can share links with friends and have a preview of the conversation itself. And the links also serve phone numbers and addresses.

Update II, by Rafael Fischmann 06/13/2017 s 15:17

It took a while, but it was only today that Instagram actually made the photo archiving feature available to all users.

The purposes of use for it are the most varied, but what matters is that, whoever wants, can now hide photos from the world without necessarily having to delete them forever from the social network.