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Next version of Apple's smartwatch operating system will monitor sleep

Apple is preparing to introduce some changes with the new watchOS 7. According to the 9to5Mac platform, the next update of the operating system will have one of the features most requested by consumers: sleep monitoring. The news advanced based on an iOS 14 code leak.

Rumors have long been pointing to the arrival of this feature, but watchOS 7 should not stop here, at least with regard to the chapter of the news. The website indicates that it will be possible to share watch faces with family and friends via the mobile app.

There should also be room for a new dial that incorporates a tachometer – this instrument is used in analog clocks to convert elapsed time into speed estimates.

Another novelty is the inclusion of parental controls, so that children can use the gadget in a safer and more controlled way.

Apple is in the habit of detailing its plans for the future of watchOS at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, but the technology has yet to announce the date of the event. Given the coronavirus outbreak, it is possible that the 2020 edition will be postponed.