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New version of Opera brings WhatsApp, Telegram and Messenger messengers

Decreeing the end of the browser testing phase, the new Opera was released today (10/5).

In recent years, web versions of social messengers have become increasingly popular. However, switching between tabs when replying to a message can be cumbersome and inefficient so far. With the new browser, Opera allows messengers to stay in your browser, without the need to install extensions or applications.

When the beta version was released, the browser had already incorporated the Facebook Messenger and now he also brings the main messengers we know: the Telegram it's the Whatsapp. The intention is that the user does not need to change tabs or windows whenever he needs to interact with messengers now, it's all in a sidebar that can be hidden or fixed. With this, it is also possible to share images more easily, with just a flick of the page to the app in the sidebar.

Opera, however, did not do this magic, the team did not modify the apps to suit the browser; it just incorporated the respective web versions of each one. This means that WhatsApp is still not a wonderful app on the desktop, but it can break a branch.

Other apps of the same style, like Viber and WeChat, are in the process of development, as stated CNET.

Codenamed "Reborn" (something like ?Reborn?), this new version also brings improvements in appearance and animations, making the browser lighter and more elegant, new icons, new dark theme to make everything more focused on content and more.

The new version of Opera can be downloaded for free from the official website, for macOS, Windows and Linux.