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MetaTrader is a trading platform

MetaTrader is a trading platform

MetaTrader the most used investment platform in the world. That allows to control the risks of operations with agility, automation of algorithms and management of positions in real time. Thus, MetaTrader is a high performance platform, with customizable algorithms according to your needs, great precision and low latency.

The platform is a trading environment that issues alerts according to your settings for future movements, it also has a demonstration account so you can test your strategies, make it possible to monitor the trades of other operators and allow the operation of assets from other markets, the investor can trade in the FOREX market, in the stock market, CFDs.

MT4 is a platform that allows its users to make their own trading plans. It is indicated for traders who want to trade more frequently in the short term, making day trades in different markets. And it gives the operator the freedom to operate in the market at the time that suits them best.

MetaTrader 4 used as a stand-alone system in conjunction with the manual management of a broker. However, there are some bridges created that allow integration with other trading systems.

Other platforms are also available in the investment market, such as Home Broker, which is one of the oldest and most practical platforms on the market, being the first platform used by novice traders and investors. it is a platform suitable for swing investors and those who do few operations in the month, or in conjunction with another platform to ensure greater agility during daily operations.

Tryd is a platform aimed at high frequency operators, offering greater speed and resources. With this platform, it is possible to read graphically the market variations and provide a simulator so that you can test strategies before investing with money.

The TradeZone platform is suitable for analyzing graphs and day trade operations, being an objective and simple platform. It can be accessed free of charge or paid.

The number of people wishing to invest in the home equity market is increasing. However, to operate in the stock market it is necessary to use a platform that will assist as a bridge between you and the Stock Exchange.

There are numerous investment platforms that are able to adapt to the investor profile, however, some items can directly influence the choice of platform, such as: interface, agility and functionality.

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