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In an interview, Tim Cook talks about HomePod and what puts him ahead of the competition

Ah, Tim. Everyone's favorite CEO (or not) is on a short tour of Canada, where (obviously) he attended a hockey game and visited Ma's store at the Toronto Eaton Center. In addition, as it must be, Cook gave a brief interview to the Financial Post during a visit to the e-commerce company Shopify.

The main subject, of course, was the HomePod a product that Apple will launch in the coming weeks and which represents the company's entry into an entirely new segment (and, ironically, it still has no date to reach Canada as it does not have in Brazil).


As usual in this type of interview, Cook was asked about HomePod's advantages over the competition notably, the Google Home and the devices Echo, gives Amazon. The CEO then evoked what I call "Apple's standard response":

The competition makes us all better and I welcome it. But if you two (Google and Amazon) are trying to license something and compete with its licensors, this is a difficult model and we still need to see if it succeeds or not.

Cook, then, also focused on one of HomePod's most celebrated points, its (said) audio quality far above that of the competition. According to the executive, "the music deserves this kind of quality and not that kind of strident sound".

The CEO also took the time to speak once more about information technologies augmented reality, who seem to have arrived to be like the new apple of the eye of Apple. Cook believes that AR is the "deepest" of new technologies because it enables growth in the performance of human beings, instead of separating them.

Cook's full interview can be read at this link.

via MacRumors