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Identify real-world colors (including on the Pantone scale) with your iPhone's camera via the Cone app

It is a common situation: you are faced with a beautiful scenery unfolding in front of your eyes and immediately taken by the beauty of those colors. Or else you are looking at a design book while doing work on the computer and are attracted to the color palette of a specific job.

Of course, it is relatively simple to pick up your phone, take a picture of what you want to analyze and pass the computer on, using the necessary tools to extract the desired colors. But what if I tell you that there is a much easier way to do this process, directly from the iPhone camera?

to what the application proposes Conefrom the developer Kushagra Agarwal which, interestingly enough, is color blind (but don't worry, the app is quite faithful).

Cone - Live Color Picker app icon

The interface of the Ma smartphone app is refined, but absolutely simple and intuitive: when opening it, the user is faced with viewing the device's camera and the app already starts to preview all colors in the scene. To detect a specific color, just touch it; the cone will then provide her HEX code, as well as the closest color in the famous (and widely used) Pantone scale.

If the scene you want to capture is in motion, the app also offers, of course, the option of freezing the image (or essentially taking a photo) to analyze everything in detail, without haste. Later, it is possible to create palettes for each saved color and easily share everything to Sketch or Photoshop using the Continuity feature, if you are on iOS 10 and have a Mac running macOS Sierra.

Of course, we are not talking about a professional tool here, after all, the bottleneck of the application's accuracy lies in the camera of the device and its susceptibility to present different results according to the brightness of the environment and other factors. Still, it can be a small hand on the wheel for quick captures that do not require absolute precision in results.

The Cone is available on the App Store for $ 2. If you are from the design area, it's worth checking out!

via The Loop