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Designer proposes improvements for the future watchOS 5

Every year, Apple follows the tradition of, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that usually takes place in early June, announcing the newest versions of its operating systems and, from there, starting a testing phase that lasts about three months until their official release to the general public.

One of the four pillars, in terms of Ma systems today, the watchOS. And Matt Birchler, a regular user of the Apple Watch, decided to envision some things that Apple could improve in version 5 of it.

The first proposal, represented by the image at the top of this post, further improve what was one of the great news of watchOS 4: the Siri display. Birchler hopes that Apple will allow third-party apps to enter information there as well, rather than just the native ones.

WatchOS 5 conceptDisplay that is always on on the Watch screen

Like any Apple Watch Series 3 owner, Birchler has nothing to complain about the watch's battery, which today lasts an easy two full days. So, he proposes that Apple start to explore more of it by introducing, for example, simple displays that stay on all the time (not least because the OLED Watch screen, that is).

WatchOS 5 conceptDesign proposal for a new dial

Moving on, he asks for something we've been waiting for since the first Apple Watch: the opening of displays for third-party developers, even if only a few are selected. We don?t even have to wait for news in this sense just annually, and only based on what Apple wants to create and offer us

Regarding the Activity / Exercise apps, Birchler hopes that Watch will show its side more "Smart" and automatically detect when we start and end an exercise. He, who lives in a cold place, also suggests adding more winter sports among the options offered by the watch. Apple brought us several badges specials in 2017, but Birchler also sees room for more, with more dynamism. Finally, he suggests that Apple implement in Watch complete sleep monitoring.

WatchOS 5 conceptA long-awaited Podcasts app on watchOS

Closing the big suggestions, something also highly anticipated would be an app dedicated to podcasts. This is something we discussed in a recent episode of MacMagazine On Air It is not just a mere suggestion for Apple, but it really does fill a big gap / absence in the ecosystem.

There are still other minor comments, but those you can read in Birchler's own original post. Nice job!

via 9to5Mac