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Comparison: iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy S20 Ultra cameras are put to the test

A few weeks ago, Samsung introduced its new gadgets to the world, including Galaxy S20 Ultra, your flagship maximum.

As we reported, this model has a main camera of 108 megapixels with aperture /1.8, optical zoom of 10x and digital of up to 100x. In addition to the (monstrous) main sensor, the device also features a 48MP telephoto lens with a /3.5 aperture, a 12MP ultra-wide angle lens with a /2.2 aperture and a ToF sensor.

But how does this advanced camera system do compared to the iPhone 11 Pro? Naturally, these comparisons are inevitable, and several specialized websites have already tested their rear cameras, mainly.

Before diving into the comparisons, however, let's review some features of the iPhones 11 Pro camera system:

  • Triple camera (ultra-wide, wide-angle and telephoto) of 12MP each.
  • Ultra-angular: aperture of /2.4 and field of view of 120; wide-angle: aperture /1.8; telephoto: aperture / 2.0.
  • 2x optical zoom; digital up to 10x.

Both the CNET how much Phone Arena made good comparisons of the cameras of the two devices. We will see below how the devices performed in the tests of each one of them:

Camera in standard mode

In landscape images (without zoom), the photos registered with the iPhone 11 Pro and the Galaxy S20 Ultra are not discrepant, except for some interesting nuances like the slightly cooler colors on the iPhone and slightly saturated on the Samsung device.


As we said, the iPhone 11 Pro can take pictures with 2x optical zoom and digital zoom up to 10x, while on the Galaxy S20 Ultra these numbers reach 10x and up to 100x, respectively.

The result of the images will suit everyone's taste, but for a fair test, they were recorded with 2x optical zoom (the maximum of the iPhone 11 Pro), 5x and 10x (optical on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but digital on the iPhone 11 Pro). Check out:

Night Mode

One of the most praised features of the iPhone 11 Pro camera was the new Night Mode, exclusive to the latest models and which, in fact, drew attention for its efficiency and practicality when taking a photo in low light.

Coupled with a similar feature, the Galaxy S20 Ultra makes use of the wider sensor to capture even more light and add more color to photos taken in a nighttime environment. See the results below:

Portrait Mode

Called Live Focus on Samsung devices, Portrait Mode (on the iPhone) is nothing more than the feature that blurs the background of an image to highlight the main object.

Interestingly, removing the 2x zoom lens on the Galaxy S20 Ultra has caused images using the Live Focus they lost some details in addition to the fact that the camera does not cope with excess light very well, if the day is sunny. Therefore, it is possible to notice a more balanced and detailed image on the iPhone, see:


In the front camera, the iPhone 11 Pro has a 12MP sensor and a /2.2 aperture, while the Galaxy S20 Ultra has a 40MP lens, also with a /2.2 aperture.

You can see that the Galaxy S20 Ultra reduces image noise more aggressively (perhaps thanks to the Bokeh of the picture); iPhone 11 Pro brings less color vibration, but you can see more details.


For video recording, specifically, the iPhone 11 Pro camera supports 4K footage at 24, 30 or 60 frames per second, in addition to optical stabilization (in wide-angle and telephoto, only). Meanwhile, the Galaxy S20 Ultra can record 8K video at 24 fps or 4K UHD at 24, 30 or 60 fps, all with the help of VDIS technology.

To compare the video quality of both devices, the EverythingApplePro released the following video, in which the two devices are placed side by side helping to visualize, in real time, the differences between them.


I say and repeat: the result is extremely personal and goes according to your needs. The fact that both cameras are incredible and have fundamental resources that leave them prepared for the most diverse situations.

According to Phone Arena, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has ?more balanced images during the day, great night shots and incredible zoom performance?, while the iPhone 11 Pro ?maintains its position, despite presenting some problems with the white balance that are more noticeable at night? . Despite this, they claim that the flagship da Ma ?able to provide great images effortlessly?.

THE CNET it also highlights the zoom capability of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, largely because it offers more zoom options (both optical and digital) than the iPhone 11 Pro. However, when it comes to overall quality, the ?winner is not so clear? .

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