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Brazilian musical game that won the world, SUPER PADS allows you to play music with ease

Confession alert: he who writes to you, an inveterate lover of music, keeps in his heart the frustration of never having learned to play even one musical instrument. I lack the motor coordination to memorize such a precise sequence of movements, be it, say, on a guitar, a piano or a flute.

That's why apps that play musical instruments were never exactly my thing until I met SUPER PADS.

SUPER PADS app icon - Be a DJ

The application startup Brazilian Opala Studios is in the ?Games? category of the App Store, but the most appropriate definition for it would be a simple and easy to use sound simulator. It was launched just over three months ago, but is already a worldwide success, winning the first place in the App Store charts of more than 50 countries in the subcategory ?Music? (within ?Games?).

Understandable popularity: with the app, you can reproduce hits of the moment or classics from the past with little practice and without the need for high levels of coordination. It is enough for the user to download the kits, available for free, and have a huge range of sounds and musical instruments available, arranged in the large colored buttons that take the screen of the device.

To improve, SUPER PADS also has a YouTube channel updated almost daily with new tutorials so that those more, say, confused learn to play the latest songs on the charts. The idea is to cover all users, from small children to professional musicians who want to use it as a way to develop new ideas.

SUPER PADS, which works on iPhones, iPads and iPods touch running iOS 9 or higher, is available for free on the App Store. It is worth checking out, even if you, like me, do not have much affinity with real instruments.