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Apple will have to pay nearly £ 600m in UK taxes after government audit

Apple's tax problems are not limited to Ireland. This week, the company was forced to pay almost R $ 600 million (more precisely, 136 million) in retroactive taxes in the UK.

The tax is being levied after an extensive audit by HM Revenue and Customs (government department responsible for tax collection). According to them, the payment of almost R $ 600 million reflects the increase in the company's activity and specifically targets Apple Europe, which offers support, marketing, financial and administrative services to other companies in the group.

This Apple subsidiary employs approximately 791 people and, according to the Financial Times, the company had an EBIT of 297 million in the 18 months prior to April 2017 and the company's total tax account was 192 million.

In summary, HRMC considered that Apple did not pay the fair value for the services offered to other Apple subsidiaries, thus creating an artificially lower taxable income. This additional payment now covers several years, up to 2015.

Here is Apple's statement on the matter:

We know the important role that tax payments play in society. Apple pays everything it owes according to local tax laws and customs in the countries where we operate.

As a multinational company and the world's largest taxpayer, Apple is regularly audited by tax authorities around the world. HMRC recently completed an extensive audit of our accounts in the United Kingdom and the agreement we made with HMRC is reflected in our recently filed accounts.

By the tone, the company did not contest and gladly paid the fine

via 9to5Mac