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Apple shares set new historic record after US investment announcement [atualizado]

As I mentioned at the end of the post about the investments that Apple will make in the United States, even earlier today, the company's shares had already started to react positively in a matter of minutes.

Well, the $ AAPL closed the day up 1.65%, reaching a new record high of $ 179.10.

Another record had gone unnoticed by us the day before yesterday, when it closed at $ 177.09 above the $ 176.42 that was the last record, reported on December 18. Interestingly, the record peak during the $ 179.39 NASDAQ price occurred yesterday, but stocks ended up closing lower.

The market value (market cap) from Apple is now at $ 911.1 billion.

Update 1/18/2018 s 19:01

For the second consecutive day, a historic high: shares closed today worth 0.09% more than yesterday, now quoted at $ 179.26. The peak during the NASDAQ price reached $ 180.10, for the first time breaking the $ 180 barrier.

With that, Apple's market value has now gone to $ 911.9 billion.