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Apple releases detailed Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR technical documents

If you like / are curious to know all the technical details about Apple products, know that she published documents yesterday (white papers) extensive on the Mac Pro (PDF) and also about the Pro XDR Display (PDF).

There are a total of 70 pages of very detailed information about the products, including architecture, memories, housing, performance, upgrades, technical specifications, among others.

In the PDF about Mac Pro, for example, there is a section that provides specific information about the Afterburner card and its use with the codec of ProRes video.

In addition, as Stephen Hackett noted on Twitter, Apple informs you that it will soon sell wheels for Mac Pro which can be easily installed by users.

Wheel for Mac Pro

It remains to be seen, of course, if she continues to charge US $ 400 / R $ 3,200 s for the wheels sold partly as in the upgrade of the factory-ordered machine. In any case, there is also nothing to prevent other manufacturers from launching alternative wheels using the same locking mechanism.

The Mac Pro started selling in Brazil a few days ago, with prices starting at R $ 56 thousand.

via iMore, AppleInsider