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Apple Ranked 6th on Thomson Reuters' New Top 100 Global Tech Leaders List

THE Thomson Reuters, owner of the famous homonymous news agency, today published the first annual edition of her list ?Top 100 Global Tech Leaders?. And Apple appeared in the sixth position.

The new ranking celebrates "the most operational and successful organizations in the industry", and was headed by Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, IBM and Alphabet. Behind Ma, closing the Top 10, TSMC, SAP, Texas Instruments and Accenture appear.

According to Reuters, each company was analyzed based on an algorithm of 28 data points, divided into categories such as managerial confidence, legal compliance, financial performance, innovation, social responsibility, reputation, environmental impact and more.

Of the 100 companies, 45 are based in the United States; Japan and Taiwan were tied for second place, with 13 companies each.

via MacRumors