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Apple Park: first aerial video of 2018 shows the works on campus reaching the final stretch

Duncan Sinfield, as he has been doing for several months, has shared yet another aerial video of Apple Park this being the first of 2018.

As we have seen, the ?spaceship? and the adjacent buildings are basically ready, but the surroundings still need finishing touches, mainly in relation to the landscape (trees, grass, etc.); some roads also seem unfinished.

Green already covers a large part of the space and we can see that the larger construction equipment has already been removed. If before, from month to month, we were able to clearly perceive what was different, now that the end of the line is approaching, we will possibly see only small touches here and there more in relation to the surroundings of the buildings.

The Steve Jobs Theater and the Visitors Center (Visitor Center) have already been inaugurated and, it seems, soon, we will soon have the official opening announcement of Apple Park if the company is planning something like this, of course.

funny that we follow the images as much as we know that the campus is large, we can only really visualize its magnitude when we see, as in this video, some people walking through space. Damn, really really giant! ?