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Apple launches Speedometer 2.0, benchmark for assessing responsiveness of web applications

The Apple team behind the WebKit launched the Speedometer in 2014. The intention was to provide a tool that could measure the performance of user interactions in web applications.

After almost four years, Apple has now announced that it is launching its successor, the Speedometer 2.0.

Speedomenter 2.0

Ever since the first version appeared, developers have used the Speedometer as a ?representative for the real world of frameworks popular ?, which really facilitated the work.

Now, this will be able to gain a much larger scale, because the benchmark has been greatly improved, including support for the latest frameworks and JavaScript libraries, and support for ES2015.

Over the past three years, an increasing number of real-world websites have been written using React – a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. Others like Preact it's the Hell they also gained popularity. Speedometer 2.0 includes web applications implemented using these libraries. It also includes an entry using React and Redux – a popular state management library.

Webpack and RollUp are popular packages of JavaScript modules used frequently with these libraries and Speedometer 2.0 includes the results generated by these tools.

Many other new features of Speedometer 2.0 have been announced; if you are interested, you can read all the details on the WebKit blog. And, to run the test in practice, access this page.