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Apple hires startup team dedicated to data analysis, which will work on App Store advertising

Grain by grain, Apple is filling the conversation. Or rather, with each contract made by the company, its ability to expand beyond the visible borders of a technology company is growing and this is precisely the case of this new move, brought to light by TechCrunch.

The website reported that Ma hired a large part of the team from startup Silicon Valley Data Science (SVDS), focused on consulting companies through data analysis and forecasting of results. At least 20 people from startup, including its founder and CEO Sanjay Mathur, already packed for Cupertino, as confirmed by Apple itself.

Silicon Valley Data Science, whose team was hired by Apple

It is good to note that the move here is not exactly an acquisition, it seems, Apple did not buy the SVDS brand, intellectual or physical properties; on the other hand, it is very likely that startup simply cease to exist now that much of your team is working for a larger company. At Ma, newcomers are already working on initiatives related to advertising, and they must act mainly in advertisements displayed on the App Store and other related points.

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On a related (more or less) note, as the SVDS team arrives in Cupertino, some important professionals are leaving the city towards Mountain View. As reported by The Information, Google is putting more effort into its chip business and has thus hired some notable Apple talent in the industry, including the esteemed engineer John Bruno.

Bruno, who has already confirmed the change on his LinkedIn page, was head of the competitive silence analysis group at Apple; at Google, he started working as a Systems Architect. The research giant also snapped up some professionals who worked with the engineer, as well as other Qualcomm talent.

, the folks don't joke

via 9to5Mac