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Another Apple supplier accused of violating workers' rights in China

That kind of news no one likes to give, especially since it is repeated at least a few times a year and all of our aspirations for a better world temporarily go down the drain when we think about it. Anyway: yet another partner in the Apple production chain was accused by an activist group of violate basic workers' rights, in China.

The China Labor Watch group, dedicated to monitoring working conditions in the country's numerous factories and reporting cases of neglect, abuse or unhealthiness, is preparing a report, obtained firsthand by the Bloomberg, pointing out serious irregularities in a manufacturing complex of Catcher Technology It is one of Apple's leading Chinese automakers in the city of Suqian, about six hours from Shanghai.

Catcher employees sleep at lunchtime at the Suqian complexCatcher employees sleep at lunchtime at the Suqian complex

According to the report, workers at the complex spend up to ten hours a day standing on production lines inside very hot sheds, breathing and touching harmful chemical compounds without gloves, masks or any appropriate equipment. goggles and earplugs are also rare but essential items for the noisy environment (more than 80 decibels perpetually, according to the group) and frequent splashes of paint and coolant.

Most dormitories for workers who live in the complex (that is, most of them) do not have showers, and those who have them do not have a hot water system; because of this, 50 of the interviewed employees were part of the report, for the report they spend days on end without washing. The salary for the activity performed by most employees is 4,000 yuan per month, or about R $ 5 an hour.

Dormitory of employees of the automaker CatcherDormitory of employees of the automaker Catcher

Also according to the report of Bloomberg, Apple took note of the report and said that, even though it has employees working at the complex, it will send a team to audit the space and verify the conditions denounced by the group. Ma is Catcher's largest customer, but the automaker also provides service to companies like Samsung, HP, Lenovo, LG and others; in the case of Apple, it is responsible for producing the iPhones and the MacBooks.

Of course, the responsibility for the safety and well-being of Catcher employees (and any other partner) is not directly from Apple, but that does not mean that the company does not have the ability to interfere in these matters. Incidentally, this is a very expensive subject for Cupertino, who produces annual reports on the topic and spends much effort to avoid reports of abuse and violations.

Clearly, this is one of those cases in which the company's efforts have to be directed to curb a flagrant degradation of basic rights, and we hope that this will be done as soon as possible.

via Cult of Mac