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Accused of violating patents related to digital payment technologies, Apple and Visa are sued

Another day, yet another legal battle comes up from the ground with Apple in the middle. This time, the whole thing is in the area of ??digital payments: Apple, together Visa, was sued by a company which claims that the two companies infringed their patents by launching the Apple Pay.

THE Universal Secure Registry (USR), a small company based in Boston (United States), started the process last Sunday in a Federal Court of the State of Delaware. In the documents delivered to justice, the company's CEO, Kenneth Weiss, claims that it holds 13 patents related to the core of Apple Pay, such as details of authentication systems, confirmation through fingerprints and the use of tokens for each financial transaction.

According to Weiss, Apple and Visa have infringed these patents since 2014, the year that Apple Pay was introduced as the financial giant is on the cake because Apple uses its technologies, such as Visa Token Services, when users make payments with this flag card.

To make matters worse, according to the executive, he has had conversations with Visa's CEO and executives since 2010 with the purpose of working with patents. The giant signed a 10-year confidentiality agreement to use the technology and suddenly disappeared, cutting off all contacts with Weiss's company. USR also tried to contact Apple to discuss possible patent licenses in 2013, without success.

Weiss and USR are now seeking compensation for what they believe to be a violation of their intellectual property. The company does not specify an amount that it believes is due to cover the damage caused, but hopes that the matter can be resolved amicably, in an out-of-court settlement: "My intention is to enter a conference room with them and resolve this," the executive told the New York Times.

via 9to5Mac