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β†ͺ Samsung is not concerned about the threat of Apple's entry into the TV segment

Apple iTV - OLED TV

Chris Moseley, manager of audio and video (A / V) products at Samsung:

TVs are basically about picture quality. () How smart they are, but let's face it, it's a secondary issue. The main thing about image quality is that there is no one, freshman or veteran, to arrive this year or next and surpass us in image quality. () So, from that point of view, it is not a big concern but we are still waiting to see what they will release, if they will.

I'm not a TV expert, so I believe he can be right and he hopes to be, after all, on what Samsung has been focusing on for years. Looking back, however, I can only remember speeches very similar to the time when Apple was launching the iPhone and, later, when the iPad came. What happened after that, you all know very well. (Pocket-lint)