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WWDC’17: Apple presents iOS 11, with many improvements, new App Store and focus on augmented reality [atualizado]

Craig Federighi returned to the stage of the San Jose Convention Center, in the opening keynote of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017, to talk about the news of the iOS 11is the new version of the mobile operating system and, in many ways, the most important of Apple.

The first app to be highlighted as gaining new features in iOS 11 was the Posts (Messages), which gets a drawer of built-in apps and, let's raise our hands to the sky, finally have the messages synchronized with iCloud all its history pulled from the cloud and everything is reflected immediately on all devices. I needed and, of course, the space occupied locally optimized and everything remains encrypted from end to end.

iOS 11 on iPad and iPhone

O Apple Pay now, finally, it offers the possibility of transferring money between people, which joins the payment systems in physical stores and on the web. The system is integrated with iMessage, so you can easily send money to your contacts, and everything is accessible by all compatible devices.

THE Crab it gained a new icon and a new natural voice, even more ?human?, at least in English, in the other languages ??we will still have to see. Ma's electronic assistant gains a translation feature, which works with a number of languages, but our dear Portuguese seems not to have entered that first moment. O framework SiriKit is also being expanded, and developers will be able to integrate the assistant with yet another series of application types, such as task managers and more. And yet: Siri now better understands the context, your interests and even how you use your device. She's smarter, predicting what you want to do next.

Another application that is getting improvements in iOS 11 o Camera one that is a little bit important, considering that users take 1 trail of photos a year with their iGadgets, as Federighi made a point of highlighting. Now, the videos captured by the app will be encoded in HEVC instead of H.264, bringing up to 2x better compression with the same image quality. J the photos will go from JPEG to HEIF, with the same quality and half the size. Portrait Mode has enhancements for low light photos, with more stabilization and HDR, and there is a depth API for developers.

The app Photos it was also improved, with better organization and photo filter, just like in macOS High Sierra. Now in Live Photos, you can edit them and change the table (frame) to be the primary; ?animated? photos have gained new effects and can also be transformed into loops, basically turning them into ?Boomerangs?. In the Memories area, the image history is organized more intelligently.

Looped photo GIF on iOS 11

THE Control Center it won a complete redesign, now presenting all the information on just one page. The operation is based on 3D Touch, which expands the available controls.

J a locked screen and the Notification Center they become one thing: when the user slides his finger from the top of the screen, a mirror of his locked screen appears with the most recent notifications; just another swipe of the finger to see the previous notifications. As a result, the Notification Center on two pages was also effectively eliminated.

The app Maps it now supports maps of shopping centers and airports, with support for a number of establishments in the United States and some other countries at the beginning. The navigation mode now comes with speed limit alerts and lane guidance. There is also a new interface dedicated to users driving, called ?Do Not Disturb While Driving? (Do Not Disturb While Driving), which detects when the user is driving and basically hangs up the phone, shows a notification that the user should not do that and sends messages to users who try to talk to you. Of course, you can inform that you are not driving to disable the mode.


O HomeKit now brings support for speakers and can configure them through the Casa app (Home) and synchronizing everything through the new protocol AirPlay 2, with multi-room audio. You can play music throughout your home, and even ask for music suggestions from those in your home with you; several speaker manufacturers are already committing to HomeKit / AirPlay 2. Apple TV can also control playback on existing devices that communicate with it.

O Apple Music now bring a social feature that shows what your friends are listening to, more or less like Spotify has been doing for almost ten years. Third-party applications will be able to communicate with the platform through the MusicKit API. Shazam, for example, can add an identified song to your library automatically with the tool.

App Store

To talk about news on App Store, Federighi called Phil Schiller on stage. US $ 70 billion has already been paid to developers and 180 billion downloads have been made so far, not counting re-downloads and updates, that is, yes, this is a very important business for Ma. So, today Apple has some news about the store, as a dramatic reduction in approval times and a new phased release feature, where developers will be able to release their updates little by little, for users selected geographically or by other parameters.

App Store on iOS 11

The big news from the App Store on the day, however, totally new look on iOS 11 reminiscent, for better or worse, of Apple Music, with large titles, colorful cards and more pleasant animations.

There is a tab called ?Today?, updated every day and that highlights the news in the store, also bringing texts and tips on how to use some popular applications. Another tab, called "Games", highlights recent games on the platform; a third one called "Apps" does the same but with "common" applications.

Overall, Apple's intention is to make the App Store even more attractive to developers, placing maximum focus on product appreciation and an example of this, for example, the possibility of assigning small sub-titles to apps, describing them in a few words to attract attention; other features such as automatic reproduction of promotional videos and emphasis on internal purchases (In-App Purchases) should also appeal to developers.

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In terms of machine learning, iOS 11 brings a series of new Vision APIs, natural language and more all of these built on the Core ML platform.

J the augmented reality (AR) gain a big leap in the new system with a new API called ARKit Federighi demonstrated on stage with virtual objects integrating with the surface of a table captured by the camera, behaving almost like real objects in terms of realism. With ARKit, according to Apple, iOS will be the largest AR platform in the world, and bring important partners such as IKEA, Lego, Nintendo and Wingnut AR, created by filmmaker Peter Jackson.

iOS 11

Many improvements to Chinese users, specifically, will also come to iOS 11. Did Apple comment on the availability of the new system due to lack of time? Forgot? , but most likely, like macOS High Sierra, a Developer Preview be available today, with public beta available soon and the final version of the system released in the second half. We will update the post when we receive the concrete information.

Update 08/16/2017 s 16:10

As expected, Apple confirmed after presenting all the news of iOS 11 on the iPad, which were separated for a separate part of the keynote the launch schedule of its new mobile system.

O Developer Preview iOS 11 will be available today, while the first public beta arrives at the end of the month; the final version of the system lands in a few months.