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Will you go or not? Ivy Bridge chips may be launched in April, as originally planned

The new Intel chips from the Ivy Bridge line were expected in April, however, a rumor raised the possibility that they would arrive only in June. Then a vehicle stated that no, the delay would be only for the mobile version dual-core the chip. A, an Intel executive came and confirmed the postponement for the middle of the year, throwing a bucket of cold water at the heads of those who intend to change machines in the not too distant future.

Mac family running OS X Lion

S that now, the DigiTimes said Intel's postponement would be very small and that the new processors will be launched in April. The initial batches would consist of smartphone chips and ?Ultrabooks? at the beginning, desktops and notebooks would receive only the most powerful processors.

Along with the new Ivy Bridge line, Apple's competitors intend to lower the prices of their ?Ultrabooks? to somewhere between US $ 800-900, thus trying to grab the sales of the MacBook Air account estimates that, at the end of 2012, these machines will represent up to 20% of the total number of notebooks, a number that will grow to 40% during 2013, from 50% at the end of it.

To make things even more exciting, a table with future releases leaked again (1, 2), being published (and quickly removed) on the Intel website.

Ivy Bridge line for desktops:

Ivy Bridge chip table - Desktop

Ivy Bridge line for notebooks:

Table of chips Ivy Bridge - Notebook

This story of postponing the Ivy Bridge to June is more than strange, I hope that everything will be launched in April and that new Macs equipped with the new processors leave the oven as soon as possible, together with a 15-inch MacBook Air, heard Apple?

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