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Today is Super Full Moon day. It is the first of three scheduled for 2020

For those who like to observe phenomena related to the Moon, tonight the sky will be brighter than usual. A Super Full Moon will occur, caused by the simultaneous occurrence of the Full Moon phase and its position in the perigee, that is, from the point of its orbit where it is closest to Earth.

According to the Lisbon Astronomical Observatory, the moment of the Full Moon phase starts at 17:48, but the perigee phase only occurs in the morning of the 10th, at 6:29 am. It is estimated that during this phenomenon, Luase approaches a distance of 357,121,853 km from Earth. The Observatory also reports that there is a 12:41 hour lag between the Full Moon and the perigee.

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For observation enthusiasts, OAL states that the best opportunity to observe the Super Full Moon will be right at the moment of its birth, at the time when it appears on the horizon, scheduled for today at 18:25 in Porto, at 18:30 in Lisbon.

The Observatory also points out that the Full Moon will be 14% times larger and 30% brighter at this stage of the perigee, compared to its heyday. And if it is observed close to the horizon it will look even bigger, with an extra 5% increase, due to the typical illusion.

Click on the gallery to remember the last super moon in March 2019

If you do not have the opportunity to watch the Super Full Moon today, two more similar phenomena will occur during the year. One on April 8 and the other on May 7. The one in the next month will be the most impactful because the time lag will be about 8:30 hours.

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