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Tim Cook talks about HomePod, Apple helping with terrorism cases and more in an interview

Normally, after an event, Apple will come to the public to talk about its new projects, software, hardware and more. Right after the opening keynote of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017, yesterday, Tim Cook was interviewed by Bloomberg, who released several videos and publications with the reports of the CEO of Ma.

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As it happens whenever a new product is announced, Cook was very excited during the interview, stating that everyone would be surprised by the experience provided by the HomePod.

Reporter Emily Chang asked Ma's CEO why people would prefer to get one of these instead of Amazon Echo or Google Home, and the answer was based on what we saw at the event:

Apple is a company that cares deeply about music and wants to offer a great audio experience at home. We feel that we have reinvented this in the area of player portable and we feel that we can reinvent it also in the home environment.

After talking a lot about the excellent audio quality, Cook explained that there are of course some other functions besides functioning as a speaker, that is, everything we already know by heart that Siri does. When prompted by the interviewer, he stated that there are plans to implement more features for the device, but that he could not yet reveal.

When Chang asked him about the creation time, Cook said that it was "several years" according to this video, exactly four years. That is, when they originally planned the HomePod, no other had been launched yet. The argument, as always, was that the company cares more about being better than the first.

Cook also briefly cited some news announced yesterday, such as iOS 11 and framework ARKit can contribute to Apple's augmented reality initiatives.

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Apple helping in terrorist attacks

Still talking about iOS 11, Chang asked if security and privacy would have increased even more in the new system, mainly due to the growth in the number of terrorist attacks. Cook, very shaken, started by saying that he is sorry for everyone who had to go through this and that the United Kingdom, for the company, as a neighboring country, since Apple has many operations and employees there.

Regarding the system more specifically, Cook said that curating the App Store has always been quite successful in keeping away hate speech, apps that could help with this type of attack, etc. In addition, he stated that the company always helps governments in whatever way possible.

We cooperate with the UK government not only in law enforcement, but in some of the attacks; I can't talk about it in detail, but when we have information and they've already gone through the legal process, we don't just give it, but we do it very, very promptly.

Perhaps already anticipating certain comments on encryption of user data, Cook also recalled that ?encryption does not mean that there is no information. There is probably metadata; and metadata, if you are gathering information for a profile, they are very important ?.

Here is the video of this part:

Donald Trump

Taking advantage of the fact that he was already in the presence of the Apple CEO, Chang took the opportunity to discuss Cook and the company's relationship with the President of the United States, Donald Trump. He recently decided to withdraw the country from the Paris Agreement and caused a stir around the world. As this also affects Apple, Cook himself has already expressed his discontent. In this interview, he reaffirmed his opinion regarding the president:

He decided wrong. It is not in the best interests of the US what he has decided. It was not about not wanting to advise on something that we thought we could help, but about having a point of view that we thought should be heard; I'm doing the latter. I can't imagine a situation where I wouldn't do the last one, because I think it is in America's interest to do so, and, first of all, I am American.

Check out the video:

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As well as this, it is possible that other interviews and positions will appear in the media in the coming days, reverberating all the details that were announced yesterday (or not). We'll follow up.

via 9to5Mac, TechCrunch, CNBC