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Study shows that Apple Watch and other wearable devices can detect early signs of diabetes with 85% accuracy

If the rumors are minimally right, Apple is focused on launching a new model of (or add-on to) the Apple Watch that provides a simple, continuous and non-intrusive blood glucose measurement ie without the need for needles and drops of blood . If the company is successful in the endeavor, it will be a revolution for patients of diabetes around the world, no one doubts that.

A recent study, however, shows that Ma's watch and its competitors may play another important role in the first stage of the disease: detection.

THE startup digital health Cardiogram and the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) together carried out a survey of 14,000 wearable device users (including Apple Watches and watches running Android Wear) and concluded that the devices can detect the initial signs of diabetes with 85% accuracy only based on the patient's heart rate history.

Cardiogram's deep learning network, called DeepHeart, has already made several important discoveries in the areas of hypertension and sleep apnea, but diabetes is a new barrier to be overcome. With the collection of data relating to 33,628 weeks of use by diabetic and non-diabetic patients, DeepHeart was able to create a standard that accurately detected which of them suffered or not with the disease in 85% of cases. The rate was high enough for medical tests to confirm the diagnoses and declare the experiment a success.

The technical details of the discovery, to those who are interested, can be read in the original Cardiogram article but, basically speaking, scientists and DeepHeart concluded that diabetics in the early stages of the disease have a pattern in heart rate variability linked to pancreatic activity ; this was the key to the discovery of the neural network, which can now progress to an even more accurate rate of success.

In this way, it is possible to think of ways to make smart watches become more and more sensitive to this type of health problem. The founders of Cardiogram stated that the next step is to include DeepHeart directly in the application so that its study base is significantly expanded; they also say that as soon as Apple launches a blood glucose meter built into the Apple Watch, they will be the first to include the technology in their products.

Who knows, maybe one day, you might see a notification on your wrist saying, ?It's possible that you have diabetes. See your doctor right now ?. We hope not, but it goes that, no

In the meantime, you can read our post on diabetes tracking apps. Not as cool as that, but what we have for now.

via 9to5Mac